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Norma Lehman smiling headshot is Boundless Potential Career Coach

I’m Norma Lehman, ACC

I remember that pivotal moment: sitting in a CliftonStrengths Assessment Workshop during a board meeting and looking down at my report.  There in black and white was a piece of paper that clearly articulated why I am the way I am. The CliftonStrengths Assessment was the first time I had permission to be myself. Amazed, I sat there thinking “I want to help others understand and communicate who they are, and rather than struggle to fix the things they don’t do well, empower them to develop what they do best.” 


As I looked at my top 5 Themes: Maximizer, Connectedness, Achiever, Responsibility, Futuristic they crystallized three key moments in my life…

Two decades in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry started when I earned my first degree in Interior Design at The University of Texas at Arlington after being a stay-at-home mom for 15 years. My Achiever and Futuristic strengths explain my drive to push hard daily on the things that brought meaning and would build a better future for my family.

After 4 years in a design role, I was promoted to Director of Sustainability. My Maximizer strength allowed me to transform good to great and great to excellent: leading the firm to operate, design and build, with stewardship as an imperative.  

After several years in that role, I transitioned to leading a market sector, building business, creating strong teams, collaborating with colleagues, and connecting with new clients.  My Responsibility strength, a deep sense of dedication to what I commit to and my obsession for doing things right, allowed me to quickly build trust with others. 

Today I want you to know:

• You don't have to “fix yourself”. Focus on the things you do well. 

• Lean into your unique  talents and develop them into strengths. This leads to greater performance in your career and in life. 


My Connectedness strength shows up in believing that there are no coincidences…every role from being a mother to Sustainability Director to Strengths Coach has been to fulfill my purpose of mentoring and encouraging others to be their best.  I can’t wait to get started with you.



Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Registered Interior Designer (RID)

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